Academic Stress

These days, a lot of academic stress is put on students. High school teens feel that stress the most as they take the SATs and prepare for college. According to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, 90 percent of addictions begin in the teen years, and academic stress is one of the key reasons.

Social Pressures

Teens often seek the approval of others. It’s no wonder that when someone who’s opinion they value offers them drugs, teens will readily agree to feel like they fit in. Additionally, there’s a competitive pressure in both academics and sports to be better, and taking performance enhancing drugs is the way to get there.

Depression and Anxiety

Many teens suffer from some form of clinical depression or anxiety but aren’t aware of it. They simply feel wrong. Instead of seeking help from parents or teachers, they’ll find any way to feel “normal” and self-medicate by taking prescription drugs that aren’t prescribed to them.


If teens don’t have the opportunity to engage in many activities, drugs may become a way to cure boredom. It’s something for them to do to pass the time. Simply encouraging them to take up an extracurricular after school should be enough to prevent this.


Studies have shown that drug addiction and abuse can have a genetic component. Teenagers may be predisposed to experimenting with drugs if they have a family history of alcoholism or substance abuse.

Not Enough Education

If teens aren’t educated enough against the dangers of alcohol and drugs by, it shouldn’t become a surprise when they pick up the habit. They need a way out when someone tells them taking heroine is “cool”, or that they need stimulants in order to succeed. Proper education can go a long way in preventing teens from becoming addicts.

Easy Access

Many recovering teen addicts report that it was extremely easy for them to obtain the drugs they used, especially since their dealer was a fellow peer at school. Other students find robbing pharmacies to get what they need to be just as easy.

Let Us Help

There are many reasons why teens start using drugs, and all of them can be avoided. If your teen is struggling with drug addiction, call us today at Walnut Creek Youth Center. Let us help your teen to succeed and have a better life.