teenager smoking k2.

What Is Spice And How Does It Look Like?

‘Spice drug’ and ‘k2 weed’ are popular words among teenagers, but what are they exactly?

They are both street names that refer to synthetic marijuana, which is not to be mistaken for regular weed since its man-made counterpart is far more dangerous. 

K2 and spice belong to a category of drugs, which is commonly known as ‘synthetic cannabinoids’; however, synthetic cannabis doesn’t actually contain any marijuana, but it’s made using chemicals that are supposed to create synthetic THC and resemble its effects on the human body.

Be aware that nowadays, there are hundreds of different names that refer to fake marijuana. Therefore K2 and spice aren’t the only words you should keep an eye out for. 

K2 weed can be sprayed or sprinkled on any dried blend of plants so that it looks just like regular marijuana or herbal tobacco. However, smoking spice can trigger strong physical and mental reactions, which can easily become very harmful. 

How Risky Is K2 Spice?

Although the effects of spice drugs can be similar to those created by regular marijuana, synthetic cannabis is far more unpredictable, therefore it must not be underestimated. Negative reactions are common when smoking spice, including severe agitation, suicidal thoughts, unexplained bleeding or bruising, and seizures. Long term usage might even lead to irreversible cardiovascular, neurological, and psychiatric problems, not to mention that overdose and death cases linked to K2 weed happen every year. 

Why Is Synthetic Marijuana Popular Among Teens?

Although K2 spice has been illegal since 2011, it can still be easily found online, on the streets, and in some convenience stores. More than 80% of people who smoked spice and consequentially visited the ER in 2011 were young individuals aged between 12 and 29.

Even now, its low price and high availability make it very popular among teens and young adults that are looking for a cheap and easy way to get high. 

Another factor that makes synthetic cannabis popular is that it’s not screened in most standard drug tests. This means that using it is convenient for those who can be randomly drug tested.

Spice Drug Addiction and Treatment

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of research carried out on the topic of k2 spice addiction and treatment related to synthetic marijuana usage. What we know for sure is that there have been cases of suspected withdrawal syndromes that could be linked to long-term consumption of spice. 

Due to the lack of research, there isn’t a sure treatment option. However, researchers say that a therapy with benzodiazepines can be an efficient way to treat K2 drug addiction. 

In a report from 2016, it is said that benzodiazepines can quell the symptoms of withdrawal from synthetic cannabis, but the author also states that more research needs to be carried out on the topic in order to find more solutions and treatments. 

If you want to read additional information on how to manage the effects of synthetic cannabinoids, we recommend reading the NCBI article on the topic.