Our Mission

Walnut Creek Youth Center was started by myself, Dr. John Strong Ph.D., and my wife Dr. Lily Strong, Ph.D. We are passionate about helping teens to battle drug addiction and show a bright side of sober life to young adults.

Here we treat teens with drug dependency and help counsel them and their families to find the root issues.

Before coming to us, teens are victims of their habits. Addiction dictates and affects every aspect of an adolescent’s life. We strive to help these teens and their families break free so they can find a life after addiction.

What We Do

We guide teens through the 12-Step program of recovery in a safe place free from judgment or temptation. During this time, they will also attend classes where they will learn valuable life and work skills that will help them succeed.

After the teens complete our program, they are partnered with a mentor who will help them find employment that matches their skills. While working, they will continue their academic studies at our center. Additionally, we guide and support them in obtaining their GED diploma.

We look forward to guiding your teen for success. Join “Walnut Creek Youth 2014” now to get quality and friendly help.