Our specialists at Walnut Creek Youth Center recognize that teen addicts have different emotional needs than adults. Most just want to be able to get through high school. Others want to be a better person for their family. Above all teens want to be loved and accepted.

Outpatient Vs. Inpatient Services


Outpatient services give teens the opportunity to continue school. They still have access to the training and support groups that we provide at the center.

Our Outpatient Services include:

  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MTE) – Sessions designed to inspire teens to take part in a drug treatment program.
  • Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) – A form of intervention that helps remove negative influences that foster addiction with positive ones. This is designed to help teens heal and learn coping skills.
  • Contingency Management – A form of treatment using real rewards. Teens earn prizes for making good life choices. This helps to reinforce staying clean and healthy.


Teens who can’t attend their school of choice can take advantage of our inpatient services. They’ll live at the center, fully supervised. In addition, our in-house education team will help them stay ahead in their studies. Teens will be able to obtain their GED diploma.

Inpatient services are also necessary for teens experiencing life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Our team of doctors skilled in detoxification methods is on hand to deal with these issues.

The beauty of offering either option gives us the freedom to meet the needs of any teen addict that comes through our doors.

Family Behavioral Training

We don’t just educate and rehabilitate the teens who are addicted. Our team of psychiatrists provides services for the whole family. They will conduct Family Behavioral Therapy sessions to address issues such as:

  • Social pressure
  • Academic stress
  • Family dynamics
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution

Teens will learn how to communicate their needs. Similarly, family members will learn how to care for the teen in recovery and help cope with triggers. This can go a long way in mending family relationships.

Ongoing Recovery Support

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy. Teens especially need ongoing care and support to deal with the issues contributing to addiction. Sometimes, new medical or psychological issues emerge during recovery, and teens need support to make healthy choices.

Walnut Creek Youth Center offers teens continuing support, even as they leave adolescence and enter adulthood. Services offered:

  • Assertive Continuing Care – A doctor will be assigned to visit the teen’s home. The doctor will aid the teen in problem-solving and communication skills to help them remain healthy and addiction free.
  • Peer Recovery Support Services – We will connect teens with other centers run by peers who have experienced addiction and recovery.

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We understand that each teen is unique. We have the staff and skill to work with the many different types of support your teen needs. Please give us a call today so your teen can get started on the road to recovery.