Gender Inequality

Discrimination has been always one of the evils in every society. A lot of people were condemned, hated and persecuted based on their race, nationality, and gender. Even though we live in a modern society various forms of discrimination still exist in different parts of the world. International non-governmental and governmental organizations do their best to eliminate discrimination in the international community but it is question of much dispute whether it successful. It is strongly believed that gender discrimination is something that humanity has already overcome but is it true? Gender inequality is not very obvious this days but it still exists and is displayed on various levels.

What is Gender Inequality?

Gender inequality is when one of the genders has more rights and is superior over another. We people talk about gender inequality, they usually say that men are superior over women and have more rights. As a matter of fact, women have come a long way to enjoy even half of the rights men could.

Signs of Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is defined by measuring representation of men and women in various roles and spheres. If men are preferred for specific roles, that is pure sexism.

  •  Career prospects

Gender inequality might be displayed when it comes to earnings and career prospects. Even in developed countries it is still remain a problem. When it comes to choosing the right candidate, some managers give preference to men even though female candidates might be better qualified for the position.

  • Marriage and divorce rights

In the Middle East women basically have no rights. They cannot refuse to arranged marriages and they cannot get divorce. However, men, who are considered to be superior, have rights to both – pre-agree marriage and divorce.

  • Custody right

If a woman gets a divorce, it does not mean that she will also get a custody right. In some countries, even European, men are more likely to get custody right.

  • The right to get citizenship

In the Middle East children cannot be granted citizenship from their mothers while men can pass it on even to their non-national wives.

  • Violent behavior

Unequal legal rights is another demonstration of inequality. Women are vulnerable in terms of domestic abuse, which sometimes involves rape. For instance, in India rape law do not refer to married people and this clearly demonstrates that women are unprotected and discriminated.

  • Education

It is hard to believe that there are countries in our world where women are refused to get education only because they are women. Women simply do not even know what they are entitled to because of lack of awareness.

Gender should not be the background to define the person’s value or qualification. Even though men are really much better in certain areas, gender-based approach must not be applied to people in general.

gender inequality