How Drug Abuse Can Negatively Impact Teens

Teenagers’ brains and bodies are still developing. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can severely damage their systems causing long-lasting psychological and medical issues. Therefore, preventing teens from taking that first sip or taste of a drug can mean a lot for their well-being.

Possible Risk Factors For Teens

It’s important to be vigilant with your teen and to identify potential risk factors that may lead to drug addiction. If you spot a possible trigger, that’s when you need to interfere.

  • Genetic predisposition: A family history of addiction should be a huge red flag. Discussing it with your child early on will go a long way in prevention.
  • Periods of transition: As kids grow, they’re often in varying periods of transition. It can be as simple as going from middle school to high school. Teens from military families who change schools multiple times are at risk, too.
  • Broken families: Family issues can have a negative impact on teens. Divorce and abuse can leave the child feeling alone and depressed, which can lead to using drugs.

Proven Ways To Prevent Teen Drug Addiction

While negative societal and familial situations can be risks for teens, all is not lost. There are proven ways to prevent your child from ever desiring to take up a habit of drugs.


Education is not just an important academically. Education on what drugs and alcohol do to the body (short and long term) are equally important. Additionally, teaching teens how to avoid being in bad situations, or how to say no if the opportunity is brought to them, can be equally effective.

Family Involvement

Parents need to set an example for their teens. Teens won’t understand the appropriate use of alcohol or medications unless you teach them.

Avoiding Media That Glorifies Drug Use

Media is a very effective tool of persuading the masses to make certain choices like what to buy and where to shop. Likewise, media can be used negatively to glorify the use of drugs. Try to avoid any books, movies, or tv shows that do this.

How To Get Help

I know some of you may have tried various prevention methods and addiction still found its way to your child. There’s still hope. Call us now to discuss your options. We can help your teen find their way back from the abyss.