Guidelines for Nominating Speakers as International Experts for the World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka

The United Nations and other international organisations are invited to recommend international expert speakers for the World Conference on Youth (WCY) 2014 in Sri Lanka. Each day there are 15 moments for expert interventions: a high level speaker (such as Head of Agency) in the plenary meeting and an expert (such as lead programme officer) on each one of the themes and foundations in the daily round tables.

Expert speaker will be given one speaking slot during the roundtable discussions of the WCY. They are, nevertheless, highly encouraged to remain active in their thematic areas of expertise during the other roundtable sessions that will take place throughout the week. As has been explained, the roundtables constitute the primary policy sessions of the conference and will revolve around the specified WCY foundations and themes. Each roundtable will have three speakers: a minister, a youth expert, and an international expert. The International Youth Task Force (IYTF) of the WCY seeks assistance from the UN and other international organisations to either suggest international expert speakers for each foundation and theme, or identify ministers and/or youth experts for the ITYF to consider.

Please make all recommendations of expert speakers to the IYTF by March 31, 2014.