Why Should We Protect Forests & Rivers?

Nowadays, the problem of ecology is important as never before. And there is a reason for that. The thing is that all human activities based on the use of artificially created means lead to the intervention of society in the course of natural processes. In the last 10 years, humanity began to realize the scale of the problem associated with our environmental impact. Their number is just endless: air pollution by dust and other particles, water pollution of with pesticides, ozone holes, greenhouse effect, demographic crisis, and anthropogenic change of landscapes among many other epidemic issues.

protect forest and rivers

How to deal with the problem?

Of course, the “fight” with the ecological problems is the most important task of humanity. Today, we suddenly became witnesses and perpetrators of the catastrophic changes in the environment. We see the problems and understand that they are very serious, but do nothing. How to stop this terrible “marathon” to avoid the death of mankind? Let’s discuss some of the solutions in this post. Here, we have collected several recommendations on how each of us can contribute to the general improvement of the natural environment.

Use both sides of the paper

Do not forget that each page has two sides. And it will not be a problem for you if you use both for printing or writing. To quickly reduce the amount of paper used, set up your printer to print on both sides by default.

Give the glass for recycling

During the glass processing, the level of air pollution is reduced by 20% and the level of water pollution is twice as little. However, unprocessed glass can decay for millions of years.

Use one paper napkin

On average, every American uses 2,000 paper napkins per year; this is about 6 napkins each day. If everyone uses only one paper towel less daily, it will be better for the ecology.

Buy less water in plastic bottles

About 90% of plastic bottles are not processed, and their decomposition will take thousands of years. A simple way out is to use one bottle several times. This will help the environment, your purse, and possibly even your health. You can also use filters for water.

Plant a tree

Planting trees is useful for both air and earth. The tree will not only look beautiful, but it may also improve the air in the area. You can make it a tradition and plant one tree for each family member once a year.

Protecting the natural environment is our big mission today. We should always think about the state of waters, rivers, oceans, and air since the way we live today will influence the life quality of our children. Let’s keep the planet safe and protected!

protect forest and rivers