The World Conference on Youth held in Sri-lanka was the first global youth conference organised by the Ministry of Youth affairs and Skills Development of Sri-Lanka for the youth.

The World Conference on Youth in Sri-lanka

The participants 1500 participants included several young people ages 18-29, with a number of people from marginalised backgrounds. That conference paved the way for several youth to come from different countries just to discuss the priorities that affect the development of the youth and their relevance in their communities.

 The idea behind the conference is to create a forum where the younger generation can come together and form unified ideas on serious topics such as youth and unemployment environmental protection, and a great many other issues affecting the youth of today.,

The World Conference on Youth in Sri-lanka

How to Prepare for the Conference

   When preparing for such a great conference you must keep in mind that it is imperative that you go with something and leave with more than what you went with. The only way to do that is if you prepare adequately. Here are some tips you might need:

  • Research

In order to join in the discussion and make relevant contributions, it is important that you research. Most of the information is already up on the website, giving full insight to what will be discussed The theme for the conference revolved around peace, human rights, entrepreneurship and employment for the youth, health and sports. It is necessary to go out and gather relevant information on these themes,  not just limited to your community or scope of knowledge. That way you can learn more and even be a better participant.

  • Register

To attend the conference you may be required to register or to apply directly on the website. The participants for the conference were picked by the government of the various countries that took part, making them official delegates. If you are not going as a government delegates, you might want to check if the registration process required fees to be paid before accepting any participant. If this information is established, be sure to enquire about registration fees. Payments can and most often are made using a credit card.

  • Travel

Since the conference is held in Sri-Lanka, you will need to travel by air most probably to the venue. You might even need to apply for a visa to be able to make the trip. The transportation is sponsored by the Sri-lankan government however in order to ensure that things move smoothly, you might want to make sure that your visa Application is sent in in ample time before you are required to make the trip.

The World Conference on Youth in Sri-lanka
  • Money

Money is a very useful commodity when travelling for the conference. Although a few of your expenses may be government funded, it is important to carry your travel credit card with you to be able to at least have some financial freedom and possibly be saved from any sticky situation. For the organization of such events it is always possible to resort to the payday loans affiliate program

   Being accepted to participate in the World Conference on Youth can be a nerve-racking and new experience. Getting things prepared beforehand does a lot to reduce the anxiety. Do not forget to carry a notepad and a pen, a smart mind and and a passion to make things better for the youth so that you do what you can at being the best representative you can be!